AIIMS Patna is one of the pioneer physiotherapy centers in the region where comprehensive rehabilitation services are available to restore an individual’s condition to the maximum possible level of functioning in consideration with the medical condition vis a vis environmental factors.

We always strive to identify all the underlying causes of patient problems like after effect of strokes, spinal cord injury, trauma, neurological & orthopaedics condition, cancer patient including palliative care and by targeting these with a combination of up-to-date treatment techniques, lifestyle management, and the latest rehabilitation protocols. It helps this way not only in relieving the pain of patients but also helps prevent it from coming back. Our treatment goal is to reduce pain, restore & maximize movement and enhance physical activities, treat & prevent injuries, and accelerating physical rehabilitation following all kinds of surgeries.

  1. Interferential Therapy
  2. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  3. Muscle Stimulator
  4. Laser therapy
  5. Ultrasonic Therapy
  6. Hydrocollator Therapy
  7. Cryoflow Therapy
  8. Therapeutic Exercise
  9. Early intervention for pediatric patients

  1. Interferential Therapy (03)
  2. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (4-Channel)(02)
  3. Muscle Stimulator (01)
  4. Traction Cervical & Lumber(01), Combination of Microwave & Cervical-lumbar Traction(01)
  5. Laser therapy (01)
  6. Upper limb CPM (01)
  7. Lower limb CPM (01)
  8. SWD 500 watt(01)
  9. Ultrasonic Therapy (02)
  10. Hydrocollator Therapy(01)
  11. Mechanical chest vibrator (05), Postural drainage table(01)
  12. Cryoflow therapy(01)
  13. Quadriceps-chair (01)
  14. Leg press & Calf extension(01)
  15. Dual leg curl & leg extension(01)
  16. Vibro machine(01)
  17. Upright bike
  18. Double twister(01)
  19. Wobble board
  20. Motorized Treadmill (01)
  21. Parallel bar with mirror
  22. Dumbells set
  23. Medicine ball
  24. Bolster
  25. Swiss bal
  26. Tubic theraband
  27. Shoulder wheel
  28. Wall bar
  29. Shoulder Pulleys
  30. Finger Wall Ladder
  31. Wrist Roller
  32. Ankle foot exerciser
  33. Tilt table
  34. Balancer Treadmill
  35. Cycling Flexor
  36. Play Balls
  37. Roll on Mat
  38. Rowing Machine Stepper
  39. Twister Leg