Trauma Service


Trauma & Emergency Department is the fifth department of AIIMS- Patna next to Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-Chemistry and Community Medicine and existing in history of AIIMS Patna since 25th August 2012. Presently, it is being managed by two Additional Professor and four Assistant Professor. Trauma & Emergency Department has 90 beds in Trauma Block including 18 ED beds and 30 beds in Emergency Block catering all Traumatic Injury cases including Neuro Trauma, Orthopaedic Injury, and Soft Tissue Injury. The Department was officially inaugurated on 6th August 2018 by Hon’ble State Health Minister Shri Ashwani Chobey Ji. Presently 4 Major OTs, 1 Minor OT, 1 Plaster Room, 25 bedded ICU and 4 bedded HDU are functional in T&E Department. Our Patient receiving area for trauma and emergency patients are divided in three zones that are Red, Yellow and Green Area in trauma block. We have started M.Ch course in Trauma & critical care and got approval for two seats, and with this, AIIMS Patna became the first Institute of Bihar and 3rd Institute of the country to start this service. Training programme like pre-hospital care is being provided time to time to the people of Bihar.

IPD beds

  1. In Trauma Block: 65 Beds
  2. In Emergency Block: 30 Beds
  3. Triage Area: In Red: 5 Beds
    1. In Trauma Block: 65 Beds
    2. In Emergency Block: 30 Beds
    3. Triage Area: In Red: 5 Beds


Emergency Department (ED) :( Red, Yellow & Green Area- Triage Area) for Trauma.

OPD Services (for follow-up patients): Every Wednesday

SL No.DaysConsultant
1.Monday:Dr. Anurag Kumar
2.Tuesday:Dr. Anil Kumar
3.Thursday:Dr. Majid Anwer
4.Friday:Dr. Anurag Kumar & Dr. Rekha Kumari
5.Saturday:Dr Majid Anwer & Dr. Sanjay Kumar
6.Sunday:On rotation basis.
a.  OT Services:

2 floors (3rd floor & 4th floor) are dedicated for Trauma & Emergency OT services, but only 3rd floor OT are functional. We are trying to start the 4th floor OT in the near future.

Total number of operations theatre (OT) working: 3 .

ICU & HDU Services:
  • There are 33 beds for ICU and HDU in Our Department.
  • On 2nd floor we have neuro trauma ICU with capacity of 14 beds.
  • On 4th floor we have general ICU with capacity of 12 beds & HDU of 4 beds.
  • Dr Anil Kumar working as Deputy Medical Superintendent Trauma, members for many Technical specification, Technical evaluation and Tender opening committee and also participated as a member of selection committee in the various recruitment process like SR, JR and Nursing at AIIMS Patna. Nominated as a member in selection committee for faculty post at AIIMS Bibinagar. He has also organised and actively Participated in Swakshta Pakwada. He has nominated as an expert for medical revolution committee for the country after covid pandemic for the gap analysis of health sector for India after this pandemic. Aware more than 12 thousands patient on COVID by making YOUTUBE video, FB and WhatsApp social media.
  • Dr Anurag Kumar: Involved in various teaching and Trauma management training.
  • Dr Majid Anwer: Involved in the teaching and Neuro Trauma management training.
  • Dr. Krishan Kumar Sharma: Involved in the teaching and Neuro Trauma management training.
  • Dr. Rekha Kumari: Involved in various teaching and Trauma management training.
Teaching and Training:

Dr. Anil Kumar while working as a course coordinator for a pre-hospital care training programme for the general public, has trained over 700 people through various training programmes such as ‘Telemedicine operator training’ for telemedicine services, ‘Sharvan Kumar Yojna Training Program’ for the Care of Senior Citizens, School-aged Children, and Patna's Auto Drivers. Total 24 number of online training sessions were conducted by him.


The Faculty of the Trauma and Emergency Department participated in the education of Senior Residents, Junior Residents, M.B.B.S. and B.Sc. Nursing Students in their respective fields of specialisation and Trauma and Emergency.

Lectures Delivered by :
Dr. Anil Kumar
Dr. Anurag Kumar
Dr. Majid Anwer
Dr. Rekha Kumari